Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Wasted a bdai...........

Lat nite a fire egg dropped me a bdai. After globaling for about 30 mins, Afro finally sold me a cdai. I pulled my +6bkat from storage, used the cdai on it the closed my eyes and hoped for the best. BAH, it only went +1. Ouch. That little stunt cost me nearly 500k. Last time I listen to a man with a problem regarding over-enchanting items. And yes I mean you Bal!

Elf is over 90%. I should be 49 by the end of the week. Then the road of pain starts.

I found the +7 EC. I got a B2S from an LA on friday. Sold it then bought the +7EC from Kandy (aka cowgirl). My cash reserves are down to around 1 million adena. Need to raise another 800k to get the next item.

As stated on most of the other boards and blogs, Treelike (and his knight trogdor) are now marked for death after stealing all of a pledgemates stuff. The whole server is hunting him. Once he is found he will be killed over and over and over again. What a clown.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Sorry for not posting in a while but no news.................

Elf is up to 76%. I hope to see lvl 49 by the end of the month. No good drops at all recently.

I'm starting to upgrade all my armour to +1 over safe. I still need to buy ETS, EC, and BOE but am waiting until I have more money.

Knight is in Caspa Mode. He is stocked up and sitting on MLC 3rd by the stairs to 4. About the time for caspa to spawn I get on knight and random tele around for a while hoping to spot the group. No luck yet but one of these days I have to land on them................

Thursday, July 17, 2003

A BZEL for you, a BZEL for ME...

As the title implies, several ppl got bzels the other night (Tuesday?). First, there was the Succubus Party, which was led by Fly, with Bean, B0lindha, Kat, and Gorlabris. Making our way down in dvc was fun, and on the way a muryan gave it up to Fly, and 1 ID scroll later, we all cheered! Later B0l got another zel, but that was only a "N" :-(

MEANWHILE... Kakimoto ALSO got a BZEL in FV on the same night! I don't remember what he got it off of, but CONGRATS MAN!

STATS: Gorlabris 47.20.0 — over 700k toward TSU, and I'm itchin to BLOW SOME STUFF! (hi, my name is Balrog, and I have a problem...LOL)

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Hi guys.. I found my way back to the blog... My arms and shoulders are like rocks in water cause I just finished bowflexing.. Damn I'm getting old! I finally joined Balefin to AC. I was getting bored hunting with no one to chat with. I do have my boat ticket to TI. One of these days I'll go and buy a spell or two! I have about 2 mil in the bank. I think I'm going to try and get my +3 Bkat to +7 or higher. I just don't like actually spending the adena. Mel still spends most of her hunting time in OWL. I've gotten pretty good at hunting around the unmorphed and mages. Sometimes I just hunt in front of or on top of them! Screw em.. Just because 10 mops are headed their way doesn't mean that they own them all. Another elf made the mistake of shooting at a Knelf with all of his 590hp and +46ac because he thought that he DID own every mop on the screen. The poor thing ended up un-assing the area of operations after popping a good number of OJ's to my none... Silly elf! One of these days I'll have to try FV beach. I just don't know if I should go as a knight or Orc Scout. Usually I don't do there as well bow only. What is better sword morph, Spartoi or skel axeman (or what ever he's called)?

In other news, along with Bowflexing I am no-carbing.. All this is to get ready for my annual October Jamaica trip. I won't be the drunked up Mel that you've come to know and love too often. With the diet beer is out and I just can't put down the straight rum like I used to. Oh well, so I'll make more sense!!

I need pain relief.. See you in Aden!

Night of the Living Splint Mails. . .

Got Gorlabris to 47 last night, and, as the title states, i got me some splint mails in the process—3, to be exact—in 2 days. Which is weird, because i haven't gotten any in like MONTHS! NC, whatever you're doin, KEEP doin it!

Also Big Congrats to Flypaper, who got a BZEL to go +2 last night! I wont say what on, unless he gives me permission, but lets say +5 [BLANK] of [BLANK] is a COOL thing!

So...onward to 48 (at least) for the elf, and I'm aprox. 20% adena to the "BIG STICK" for Balrog. Then the Push to 5–0!

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Its been a good couple of days. I'm past the 50% mark and on the downhill slope to 49.

Thursday night, I got tired of mimics dropping me crap so I headed up to IT 7. I almost had the place to myself. Death was feeling kind that night and dropped me a dai and a zel.

Friday morning, i tried to hunt owl but it was crowded so I went to my spot on fv beach. I kept seeing the same people tele in and out at regular intervals so I followed them. It turns out there is a double mimic spawn there that spot that spawns about every 10 mins. So while i hunted the regualr mops, i would check the spawn points and kill a bunch of mimics. Mostly they did drop junk but one dropped me a bzel!!.

I went back last night but the spawn rate of regular mops was so bad i teled over to OWL. I met a really nice Elmore General who dropped me a Great Sword. I made 100k just in weapons yesterday.

Last night I was talking to Emerik/Prose. I ended up loaning him 650k so he could by blood for pg's. Then I gave him the bzel on credit since my luck is so bad it would have gone +0. Too bad for him it only went +1.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

What a great night . . .

Went with Avrin and Kat last night to help kakimoto get his level 45 quest. Nothing truly bad happened, tho there were like a HUNDRED giants on the beach, i just dont know what NC was thinkin when they discussed the spawn rates there. You almost couldnt walk (or run!) through the beach in places!

ANYWAY, no real problems, we got the job done and got scout to oren, and what do i get from KAK as a "thank you"? CANCEL SB! Kakimoto is the man! I've always thought the generosity of the ppl in this pledge is what gets us through the hard times, and that just reinforces my belief! Now, if i can just get the damn elf to 48 so i can use it! And last night, we ran into the first person I'm gonna waste some mgems on, the imfamous K2da, dave himself (i guess, lol), get ready cause this could get fun!

So the elf stands at 46.15.87, and the money in the bank is starting to add up. Guess I'll save and play elf till i get enough for a TSU, then take the 5-0 plunge with the knight.

Monday, June 30, 2003

I didn't play all that much over the weekend. I bought the Davinci Code on saturday and read it saturday nite (some while hanging out at WW seige). I also read the 3rd Harry Potter book before I gave it to my kids to read on sunday.

I'm at 45% now. I'm hoping to make 49 by the end of July.

I was looking at Tarasques blog this morning and noticed that he too has seen K2DA. K2DA = K1DA = Dave = Ebay account seller = biggest prick to ever play the game. I saw him friday night in OWL. That is were he is hunting these days. He's full law but still pretty weak. I cancelled him once and when he wispered me to ask why, I reminded him of our prior run-ins. Thats when I told him to go cry to his mommy. I knew Dave when I was in Primal fighters. He was not in the pledge but was a close RL friend of Silky's (who BTW is no longer playing the game. Torn keeps her account up to keep the pledge alive). K1DA used to hang out at the PF house or would sign into Silky's account and just act like a 12 year old. Or else he was whinning about how mean his mommy was to him. He was the reason I left PF. Now its time for revenge. Hope you like being cancelled and slowed Dave. If dave reads this, I have sent this information to NCI CS... Hope they catch you and ban you again.

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